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Dream house made simple with the Baugeldspezialisten Bonn

Scandinavian Living for eight – Alex & Dean plus four cats, one dog and one chameleon (Kristin Mainz)

Gratitude, relief and happiness were the dominant emotions in Alex’s voice when he talked to us about the long road to the home of his dreams. The road took them from finding the right ground to build on, to installing water pipes and designing their home before finally being able to move in. Grateful for the work of Baugeldspezialist Stefan Frisch and the developers, the company Gussek. Relieved at having overcome all obstacles, be it the confrontation with administrative offices, construction managers or unexpected costs. Joy at living comfortably in their new home together with their cats, their dog and chameleon and more joy at the fact that living there feels like being on holiday.


The dream of having their own home has been a life long one for both of them. The decision to build their home on the exact spot of land on which it has been standing since September 2018 came when they were walking their pug, Mathilda. The house was under construction from March until September. When the moment finally came and they were holding the keys to their home, neither of them could keep the tears at bay. “It was a very emotional moment” said Alex. The months and months of working and planning had finally come to a worthwhile end.


Elegant, minimalist and stylish. The atmosphere is inviting and cozy.

Inspired by holiday rentals in Denmark, Dean and Alex decorated their home in the Scandinavian design: elegant, minimalist and stylish. The atmosphere is inviting and cozy. It is no wonder then that the number of guests is constantly rising. Their tastes concerning interior design are similar and their ideas complement each other very well. The door that separates the entrance from the living area for example was Dean’s idea and is a dream come true for him. It is made of glass and steel and was created by a local locksmith.

For people who are also planning to build a new home the couple recommend spending some time researching the topics of development and building site power supply. Moreover they recommend giving the budget a lot of thought and to always assume the worst case scenario when it comes to finances. That way you are not completely unprepared should unexpected costs arise or a bill be higher than expected.

Despite some mixed emotions, like inner tension, excitement and anticipation before and while the house was being built, Alex and Dean could not have dreamed of a better result. Their house still feels slightly surreal and like a holiday rental that they will have to leave again after some time.

The couple is planning their wedding for September this year and are looking forward to hosting a reception for 80 guests on the terrace of their new home.



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